Anywhere in the world

A ‘location’ implies so much more than just a place on a map. In geography, location and place are used to identify a point or an area on the Earth’s surface or elsewhere. A place can be anywhere, and is quite a broad concept, but a location indicates a much more specific identity, determined by a precise set of coordinates, a specific pairing of latitude and longitude on the Earth’s gird.

Want to see our flowers in action?

Our world contains a wealth of impressive and beautiful locations. A few years ago, the Lisianthus promotion team decided to explore special locations with Lisianthus, the special flower. Since then our creative team has traveled to several stunning locations like Venice, Scotland, Switzerland and Holland to create amazing location pictures with
Lisianthus Arrangements.  This international touch creates a special feeling around Lisianthus and makes it more special than any other flower. Examples of the locations we visited and the amazing photos of Lisianthus arrangements in incredible settings are available for viewing in our exclusive coffee-table books, and there is a glimpse available on this website.