When you look for the perfect flower for an event, there is no better choice than Lisianthus. The assortment ranges from the delicate single Lisianthus to the rose-shaped double flowered varieties, and the ’big bloom’ specialty types, the newest trend-setter with extra-full blooms and more petals than just about any other flower.

The variety in double and single Lisianthus is enormous, the list on this website will help guide you in colour and shape choices to perfectly match your event.

For every mood, trend or look & feel you can always find the right Lisianthus

The meaning of colours
White: Simplicity, Cleanliness, Virginity, Calm, Innocence, Purity, Silence, Unspoiled

Red: Love, Suffering, Passion, Courage, Seduction, Sultry

Yellow: Light, Joy, Spring glory, Colour of the sun, Energy, Growth, Strength, Spring feeling Pink: Softness, Tenderness, Joy, Birth, Subdued, Romantic, Good, Sweet, Innocent

Orange: Warmth, Wealth, Extrovert, (Dutch) Royal family, Strength, Optimism, Fun, Sportsmanship, Vitality

Blue: Divinity, Infinity, Spirituality, Loyalty, Sincerity, Peace, Clean, Sadness

Magenta: Exuberant, Exciting, Shocking, Grateful, Initiative

Purple: Royalty, Sensuality, Decadence, Nobility, Wisdom, Passion, Originality, Spirituality and respect

Green: Nature, Camouflage, Emotions, Health, New life, Harmony, Safety, Balance